ABA-OK is intensely focused on providing better outcomes for children and adolescents.

We use highly specialized methods based on learning and behavioral science to accelerate performance in behavior, reading, social skills and communication. At ABA-OK we believe that all children can learn to be focused, happy, competent and successful.
Many agencies focus on diagnoses and limits. At ABA-OK we believe in the child rather than the diagnosis. Whether you have been told your child has dyslexia, autism, ADHD, developmental delay, defiance or any other label, we believe that we can help.
Please stop by our services page to see how we can help you and your child be successful at home, at school, and in life.

Your Childs' success is what matters to us.


Calls from school, difficulty getting along with others, problems staying focused and following directions. These can be stressful situations for you and your family.

ABA-OK is here to help. Using field tested techniques with years of success, we can pinpoint the cause of difficult behaviors and develop effective programs that improve the life of your child and family. We believe that your child's primary therapist is you, so we actively engage parents in the behavior improvement process. Through specific programs, modeling and coaching we will work together as a team.


We will work to accelerate your child’s academic growth. Using evidence-based learning principles, ABA-OK will design an individualized plan to help your child succeed in reading, math, writing, comprehension or other academic areas.


Social skills are best practiced in a natural setting. Social skills groups provide the opportunity to practice and reinforce skills in the context of the child’s peers. ABA-OK follows a specific sequence to develop social skills that includes instruction, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, feedback and positive reinforcement.

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